Richard III + Romeo & Juliet

The Dell, Stratford, Upon Avon

August - 24th & 25th 12noon & 3pm

*Performances on the 25 August, audience members will be able to view captions on their mobile phone or personal device using the Difference Engine Mobile Captioning Technology.

Set in a dystopian kingdom, this Summer we reimagine two of Shakespeare’s greatest plays.


Richard III is a dark struggle for power in one deeply unhappy family, with bodies left strewn across the floor. In this mess, only someone truly ruthless can rise to the top. A gripping thriller shot through with black humour, Shakespeare’s greatest anti-hero comes to life.


Meanwhile in the same kingdom, the romance of Romeo and Juliet looks like it could bring peace to two warring families – until events intervene and tragedy strikes. Romantic, sweeping, action packed it’s the ultimate feel-good story – until it all goes horribly wrong.


Fast paced, thrilling and romantic these two plays will make for a perfect night out at the theatre, with something for Bard experts and complete newbies.

No need to book - just come along to the Dell!

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